Áine Dunne

A native of the Boyne Valley Ireland, Aine designs and handweaves tapestry wallhangings for public and private clients. Introduced to tapestry weaving by artist Liam O’Broin in 1980. Áine spent time working and training with Regina Bartsh, Helena Ruuth, Alice Roden, Anne Marie Moroney and Judith Hoad throughout the 80′s and 90′s.

Aine is a member of the Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers since the mid 80′s and has exhibited with them throughout the years.

Aine has produced some major works that include a commission from the Augustinian Community Drogheda celebrating 700 years in the town and Stephens Green Hotel Dublin part of the O’Callaghan Hotel Group.

Artist’s Statement

I am drawn to the medium of tapestry weaving through its textures, spinning yarn to work with and dying variations of shades. The process itself creates a space and a comfortable sense of relationship that I do not often encounter in other areas of my work life. Hence my designs tend to represent images and symbols that allow the viewer a doorway into this state of being.

Paradoxically, I often operate from a state of chaos, misconceptions and difficulty. I think this is part of being human. It is the process of weaving that changes my state of being and allows reflection on the reality that we are all in a constant state of change. I am inspired by those who accommodate change, however minimal, with a state of grace. For me this opens up a wider field of vision and ties in with the physical process of weaving.

The historical link to surviving Coptic weavings, La Dame a la Licorne and references to weaving on Egyptian ceramics are lasting visual inspirational sources.

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