I provide online courses that you can take at your own pace. I also run live online classes as well as in-person workshops for both individuals and groups.


Hand Spinning and Hand Weaving workshops in the studio will continue from April 10th 2021, in accordance with Covid Guidelines throughout Ireland.  Some of you have booked prior to April 10th 2021, and that is fine, as I will remain in touch with you through email. 

You may be coming to weaving for the first time or developing existing skills, either way it may be worthwhile to engage through email at first to inform the direction you would like to take.  If so feel free to email me at info@ainedunneweaver.com

All materials and equipment are supplied for these workshops.  Check course content, dates and booking information below.


Hand Spinning Workshops

Learn how to make your own yarn from sheep’s wool and local alpaca wool.

  • Finger spinning
  • Spinning on a drop spindle
  • Spinning on a wheel
  • History of spinning in Ireland
  • Use of hand spun wool
  • Resources

 Upcoming Workshops

  • 11th and 25th       April 2021. 
  • 2nd, 16th, 30th    May 2021. 
  • 13th, 27th               June 2021
  • 11th, 25                   July 2021. 
  • 8th, 22nd               August 2021. 
  • 5th, 19th                Sept 2021. 
  • 3rd, 17th                October 2021
  • 15th , 29th            November 2021
  • Workshops run from 10am through to 2pm

Book Hand Spinning

  • €120 for individuals
  • €75 per person (groups of 2 – 4)
  • €50 per person (groups of 5 upwards)

Absolute Beginners are very welcome for this Fun Workshop!

Tapestry Weaving Workshops

Suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced weavers. All are welcome. In this workshop Áine will cover:

  • Historical background
  • Loom types
  • Design
  • Preparing warp threads
  • Weaving
  • Finishing
  • Resources

Upcoming Workshops

  • 10th, 24th      April 2021
  • 1st,15th, 31   May 2021
  • 12th, 26th      June 2021
  • 10th, 24th      July 2021
  • 7th 21st         August 2021
  • 4th, 18th        Sept 2021
  • 2nd, 16th      October 2021
  • 14th, 28th     November 2021

Book Tapestry Weaving

  • €120 for individuals
  • €75 per person (groups of 2 – 4)
  • €50 per person (groups of 6+)

School Workshops

A series of workshops that enable children to trace the path from fibre to fabric.

Contact for more info and to book.

Private Workshops - Individual or Group

If you would like to arrange a workshop please get in touch by emailing info@ainedunneweaver.com.

Live Online Classes (Zoom)

Classes run Monday to Friday 3 - 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 9 to 5pm  Irish Time.

For those of you who may be new to weaving  a 4-sided frame is needed. an old picture frame will suffice. You may also purchase a tapestry frame from a reputable firm such as weaversbazaar.com who sell adjustable tapestry frames for €35 and starter kits of choice tapestry wool mix.

Take the plunge and get started. It is such rewarding craft to participate in, rich, tactile, creative, ancient and therapeutic.

Length:  30 minutes
Cost: €30  includes handouts and short videos of techniques where necessary.